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Sandra Thébaud, PhD

Get Smarter About Stress

Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, Trainer, Speaker

Sandra Thébaud, PhD



Sandra Thébaud, PhD

Sandra Thébaud, PhD is the author of the successful book "The Art of Loving Life." She has taught individuals and organizations how to reduce stress for 3 decades.

Balancing a career and kids is crazy! I'm a single mom of 2 teenagers and I've been a Clinical Psychologist for 3 decades. Being a parent is not easy. Balancing a career and kids is a heroic endeavor.

I understand stress management personally and professionally. My mission is not to give others fish, but to teach them how to fish. My mission is to teach stress management.

Ocean Rocks

This is a quick read that teaches you the basics of managing stress with time-tested, proven techniques.

Book available on Amazon - The Art of Loving Life


Get Smarter About Stress