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Would You Like to Reduce Your Stress in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day?

This is the quickest, easiest way to lower your stress with proven stress management techniques. It also retrains your brain to get out of stress mode and into relaxation mode.

Are You Looking For Guided Meditations with Technology That Induces Relaxation?

Unlike other guided meditations, these are embedded with binaural beats to deepen the relaxation state and specifically worded to maintain a relaxed state.  Try it and notice the difference it makes in your life.

Do You Want CEs Just For Lowering Your Stress?

Learn to reduce your stress in a fun, interactive course and get Continuing Education credit for it.

Can Superior Coaching Transform Your Life?

Find out more about this 12 month coaching package.

Stress Relief Basics

I've spent the last 25 years becoming an expert in stress management.  I know what works and why. In this video, I talk about what you can do right now to start reducing your stress. 
Sandra Thebaud, PhD

Free Stress Test

After decades of helping people reduce their stress, I've noticed patterns in what keeps people stuck. Simply answer a few key questions that will give me insight into your situation and I will give you feedback on what's preventing you from reducing your stress and give you tips on how to eliminate it. 
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Sandra Thebaud, PhD
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