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Sandra Thebaud

Stress Traps

Why You're Still Stressed Despite "Knowing" What To Do

Sandra Thebaud, PhD

Trying to reduce stress can be frustrating. Sometimes you try a technique and feel like "it didn't work."

I get it. Luckily for my clients, they were able to work with me to figure out why it didn't work.

There are 10 top mistakes you may be making trying to reduce your stress. Nobody makes these mistakes on purpose. Most people don't even realize they're making them. If you don't know what these mistakes are...

You go for short-term relief (but your stress is still there)

You choose distractions (and not face your stress until you have no choice)

You live with it for so long (until that level of stress feels normal)


Each of the 10 videos are divided into 3 sections:
(1) What the Mistake Looks Like - Showing you the many ways a mistake could look like so you can see how it shows up in your life.
(2) Techniques - Proven techniques that can help you fix this mistake.
(3) Practice Exercises - You choose one or more practice exercises that you will focus on for the week so you can avoid making this mistake again.

Your Plan for Living Your Desired Life of Less Stress

(1) Sign up for the course
(2) Get your customized plan
(3) Live your desired life

Only $3



Welcome! I’m Dr. Sandra Thébaud. I’ve been a Clinical Psychologist for 30 years with a specialty in Stress Management. I began my career as an active-duty Navy Psychologist. I have worked as a Behavioral Medicine Specialist, as a Hospital Psychologist, taught graduate psychology courses, authored two books on stress management and facilitated stress management trainings for large and small companies across the country. My mission is to share what I know to help as many people as possible learn the concepts of stress management so that they can improve their lives as much as possible.

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Silver Sphere

The E.Q.U.A.L.I.Z.I.N.G. Method

Each week you will learn different ways these mistakes may be showing up in your life and what to do about them. You will choose from a selection of techniques and practice exercises to master this area of your life. By making small changes each week, you can create a whole new life.

Week 1 = E

Effective Time Management

Week 2 = Q

Question Your Choices

Week 3 = U


Week 4 = A

Acknowledge Your Stress

Week 5 = L

Love Yourself More

Week 6 = I


Week 7 = Z

Get More ZZZs

Week 8 = I

Include Yourself

Week 9 = N

Needs Get Met

Week 10 = G

Goals Reached

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This course is for people who realize that life should not be this hard. There’s got to be a way to make life less stressful without the side effects of alcoholism, drug addiction, medication dependence or hopelessness. This course is for people who have been looking for someone who actually knows what they’re talking about when it comes to reducing stress. Most importantly, it’s for people who are ready to put real information into practice. This is not a book on video that you watch and then move onto the next book. If you’re ready to change your life, this course is made for you.

I’m already in therapy. Will this be too basic for me?

If you’re already in therapy, that’s great. Tell your therapist about this course so that you can use it as a supplement to your therapy. Let your therapist hold you accountable to taking the steps in this course and use therapy to explore the origins of each mistake.


I’m not in therapy. Will this be too advanced for me?

You don’t have to be in therapy to get the most out of this course. This is why I break down all the ways each mistake could show up in your life. As long as you’re tired of feeling stressed, you’ll be ready to reflect on each mistake and use the techniques and practice exercises to change your life.


Who should NOT take this course?

If you’re looking for reasons to justify why your stress can’t be reduced, you should not take this course. Also, if you don’t care about yourself enough to make small changes to improve your life, you should not take this course.


How long is the course?

The course is 10 weeks long. Each week, we focus on one mistake and you get a week to practice at least one technique and at least one practice exercise. If you try to make too many changes at once, you’ll get overwhelmed and you’ll have to change your lifestyle so quickly that you’ll be forcing yourself to adapt. This is about reducing stress, not adding stress to your life. By focusing on 1 mistake per week, you’ll be smoothly and gently improving your life. By the end of 10 weeks, you will have created your desired life.


Can I just spend a weekend and take all of the courses at once?

No. Too much change at once creates stress. Look at what the pandemic did to the world. Even too much change in a positive direction can be hard to adapt to. Everything about this course was taken into consideration to give you every chance for success in changing your life.


What’s included in the course?

This course includes 10 videos. You will watch one video each week. It also includes a journal. This is where you will keep track of your progress because this is where you will write down how each mistake is showing up in your life and which technique and practice exercise is the best for fixing and avoiding it. One week 5, you will be able to download a checklist that you can put on your refrigerator door. It’ll be a reminder of the first 5 weeks and give you a sneak peak at the next 5 weeks. Finally, you’ll get an e-book on week 10. Combined with your personalized journal, you will be able to maintain the progress you’ve made in creating your desired life.


How long are the videos?

The videos are approximately 30 minutes long. Some are shorter and some are longer. However, it could take up to an hour to get through each video because there are places where I’ll ask you to pause the video and reflect on what I just said. Remember, this course is not for people who are comfortable with their stress and don’t want to take even small steps to reduce their stress.


How much does it cost?

You're making an investment of $1997 in yourself. An investment is when you spend money with the potential of a big return on your investment. The real question is what value do you place on peace of mind?


Can I get a refund if I don’t like the course?

We don’t offer refunds.


What happens after I sign up?

After clicking on the sign up button or link and paying for the course, you will be able to download your journal and watch the first video. One week later, you will receive an email letting you know that the next video is ready for you to watch. The same thing will happen each week until you’ve gotten to the end of the course. On week 5, you’ll also be able to download your checklist. And on week 10, you’ll be able to download your e-book.


I’m not willing to make any changes in my life. Should I still take the course?

No. If you’re not willing to make any changes, you’re not willing to change your stress. You’d only be wasting your money.


I think stress is stress and you can’t do anything about it. Should I still take the course?

No. If you think you can’t do anything about stress, subscribe to my YouTube channel. It’s free. Come back when you see the potential to have a better life.

Stress Traps: 

Why You're Still Stressed Despite "Knowing" What To Do

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