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StressIntel is a cutting-edge wellness technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the way individuals manage and mitigate stress in their lives. Our mission is to empower individuals with personalized insights and tools to effectively navigate the challenges of modern life and promote mental and emotional well-being. At StressIntel, we believe that everyone deserves to lead a life free from the burden of excessive stress. Our innovative technology and commitment to well-being empower individuals and organizations to proactively manage stress, cultivate resilience, and thrive in today's fast-paced world.

About Sandra Thebaud, PhD

Dr. Sandra Thébaud is a distinguished clinical psychologist with over 30 years of expertise in stress management. She began her career as an active-duty Navy Psychologist, teaching stress management to members of the Navy and Marine Corps, as well as medical staff at Naval Hospitals. Throughout her professional journey, she has held roles as a Behavioral Medicine Specialist, a Hospital Psychologist, and has taught graduate psychology courses. Dr. Thébaud is renowned for her ability to facilitate stress management workshops for both large and small companies. Her wealth of experience and knowledge led her to write two books on stress management, solidifying her position as an authority in the field. Her signature speech, "GLUM: Why People Are Still Stressed Despite Knowing What To Do," consistently receives high demand and acclaim. Dr. Thébaud is a sought-after lecturer, regularly sharing her expertise at events across the nation. She is a member of the Colorado Supreme Court Character and Fitness Committee, serving as a valuable resource for the Colorado Legal Assistance Program. Additionally, Dr. Thébaud actively contributes to the Colorado Well-Being Program for Legal Employers as a speaker and advisory board member, striving to promote well-being in the legal community. Her articles have been published in The Colorado Lawyer and the Colorado Judicial Wellbeing website.

This is a quick read that teaches you the basics of managing stress with time-tested, proven techniques.

Book available on Amazon - The Art of Loving Life
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