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The Art of Loving Life

Can this book change your life?

It's based on one of my workshops that has changed many lives for the better.

Book available on Amazon - The Art of Loving Life

The Young Person's Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress and Navigating Life

This book is designed to actively engage you in the learning process. It's filled with surveys, self-evaluations and techniques to help you effectively reduce and manage stress.

Book available on Amazon - The Young Person's Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress and Navigating Life


3 Beliefs That Are Severely Stunting Your Earning Potential

In his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker explains that your financial thermostat is the set point of how much money you can make and keep. 

Why The Confidence You Have Dictates The Results You Get

Visualization has often been used to enhance sports performance, creativity and stress management. These are all ways of using visualization as a manifestation technique. Many people have done it and you can too.

A Step By Step Guide To Find Happiness On Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are such a stressful time for so many people that the majority of heart attacks occur on Mondays around 9am. Most of us start dreading it on Sunday night and, as a result, don't even fully enjoy the entire weekend. Where is the happiness in that?

You Won't Free Yourself From Anxiety ... Until You Do This!

You’ve probably heard that you can have success in dealing with anxiety through meditation. You may have even tried to meditate but, like many, found it to be more frustrating than relaxing. Although, there are many different forms of meditation, the prominent belief is that meditating means that you need to clear your mind of all thoughts.

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