The Little-Known Truth About Stress

I discovered the real problem with stress over the course of working with clients for 25 years. Focus on this and you will know exactly how to reduce stress.
Sandra Thebaud, PhD is a former Lieutenant Commander who spent four years on active duty as a Navy Psychologist and consultant to the Marine Corps’ 1st Special Forces Group.  It was during her first year in the Navy that she was tasked with teaching Stress Management to the medical staff.  Soon she began facilitating groups for her patients on stress management as well.  

She remained on inactive duty for seven more years while working as a Behavioral Medicine Consultant and Hospital Consultant for the medical staff at Kaiser Permanente in California. These experiences led Dr. Thebaud to become an expert in stress management and to create trainings for organizations to increase their knowledge of stress management.  Some of her clients include State Farm Insurance, The American Heart Association, The American Lung Association, Cisco Systems/Small Business Development Center, West Valley Public Health, and SCORE.

She was hired by General Electric and Walmart to facilitate Veteran-Corporate Integration trainings designed to give new-hire veterans information and tools to transition successfully into the corporate environment.  The characteristics that make one successful in the military are not necessarily the same ones that make one successful in the corporate world. So, new skills were needed.  She continued working with veterans as a Contractor for the National Veterans Training Institute.

Dr. Thebaud has also published numerous articles and has been an invited lecturer across the country on topics such as Stress Management, Professional Development, Leadership Skills, Change Management, Goal Setting, Emotional Intelligence and Transition Management. She has published two books - The Art of Loving Life and The Young Person’s Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress.  

Dr. Thebaud is an expert at stress management/visualization/meditation.  She is currently a Fellow of The American Institute of Stress and provides EAP counseling services to Raytheon.