The following services are designed to enhance your stress management. Use them to make your life better.

Superior Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching with Dr. Sandra. In addition, you get access to all of the Guided Meditations, the Stress Tips Library and a copy of the e-book 21 Days to Loving Your Life. Click on "Discover The Difference" to learn more about how coaching works, how to make the most of coaching and what coaching can do for you. There's no obligation until you decide to sign up. 
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30 Day Program

Reduce Your Stress in 5 Minutes a Day
Each day you will receive a stress management tip and exercise for you to do. Each exercise takes less than 5 minutes to do and is backed by research to clinically reduce stress. In addition, you will receive a baseline form to fill out and an accountability tracker to measure your progress. As a bonus, you get the e-book 30 Days to a New You for free.
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Virtual Training

Virtual training can be more convenient than onsite training and just as effective. 
  • You don't need to reserve a room. 
  • Your team can participate at their home or desk. 
  • Technology has advanced so that participation is just as integral as in a live setting. 
  • Questions can be asked without derailing the presentation. 
The possibilities are endless. Contact me at 720-378-8080 today for more information about presenting to your team.

Guided Meditation

Simply listening to these guided meditations triggers the relaxation response because each session is encoded with binaural beats scientifically created to entrain your brain into a state of deep relaxation. By ending each session with symbolization to condition your subconscious mind to maintain this relaxed state, you automatically increase your ability to relax more deeply. Choose between 5 minute, 10 minute and 20 minute meditation sessions. New meditations are continuously being added. 
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Take the Free Stress Test

Get an analysis of your stress level as a complimentary gift from me so that you can sample my services without obligation. Simply answer a few questions to help me understand your situation and I will help you figure out the type of stress you're experiencing and give you tips on how to eliminate it. Click the "Free Stress Analysis" button now.
Free Stress Analysis