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Lesson 6: How To Stay Stressed

Isolating yourself when you’re stressed is very easy to do. Even wounded animals do it.

When I'm feeling stressed, I notice that I start to turn down invitations to go out with friends. I don't call anyone. I just curl up on my couch with TV and ice cream. And it feels good.

But long-term isolation leads to problems.

The healthiest way of reducing stress is to be part of a community so that you don’t feel like you're alone. The more you isolate yourself, the more likely you are to start to think you're the only one who's going through what you're going through.

It may feel good in the beginning to get away from the world and not be bothered. You start to feel a little bit better because you're not dealing with any demands on you.

Unfortunately, there's a really thin between getting away from the world and so you can get a break and feeling lonely and alone. It's hard line to see coming. Trust me, even I don't see that line.

No one's immune to having negative thoughts creep in and make you think you're the only one who's ever experienced what you’re going through. That this is how you feel now and this is how you're always going to feel.

There are cues to look for that you’ve crossed the line.

· When's the last time you talked to somebody you cared about?

· When's the last time you talked to someone who cared about you?

· When is the last time you went out and did something fun?

· When's the last time you went out with friends?

Those are the kinds of questions you have to ask yourself.

It’s nice to get away from all the things that stress you out. But, it’s too easy to cross into feeling alone. Instead of trying to figure out where that line is, stay aware of how much you cut yourself off from support.

Notice if you’re having difficulty reconnecting with people who care about you.

There are 8 billion people on the planet. I guarantee you that there's somebody else on the planet who's going through the same thing as you and that there are a lot more people who are going through something worse than you.

So get together with people who care about you and lower your stress.

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About the Author:

Sandra Thebaud, PhD, is a seasoned professional in the field of psychology and mental health with 30 years of experience as a clinical psychologist. Dr. Thebaud has dedicated her career to researching effective strategies for managing stress and optimizing performance and she has extensive expertise in areas such as stress management, resilience, and well-being. Dr. Thebaud's work has been widely recognized and published in reputable journals, she has been invited to speak at various conferences and conduct numerous seminars on the topic of stress management. As an advocate for holistic well-being, Dr. Thebaud believes in empowering individuals to cultivate a positive mindset, develop effective coping mechanisms, and thrive in challenging circumstances. She is currently the founder of StressIntel where she offers online courses, organizational training, and free live webinars. To make a greater impact on your stress, contact me today to discuss stress management training:

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