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How To Stay Stressed? Stop Exercising

Most of us do some form of exercise. Unfortunately, the first thing to go when we’re stressed is exercise. Ironically, we stop exercising so that we can do more work.

Do these words sound familiar?

· I'm too busy to exercise.

· I've got too much to do.

· I can exercise later or tomorrow.

For a lot of people, including myself, the first clue that we are starting to get stressed out is we stop making time for exercise. We stop going to the gym, we stop walking, or we stop swimming. Whatever it is that we do for movement, we stopped doing that.

Is it a big deal? Yes, it is. What is the one thing that fight and flight have in common?

Movement. They both involve movement. When your fight or flight system is activated, lots of chemicals get emitted into your body for a variety of reasons. How does your body get rid of those chemicals? Through movement.

If you don’t move, those chemicals stay in your body. They can build up to toxic levels and contribute to stress-related disorders.

Find a way to move even when you’re stressed. It can be as simple as pacing around your house while you’re on the phone.

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