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OWLS System

Are you who You were Meant to Be?

OWLS is a structured system of personal transformation that can help you discover what makes you unstoppable.


OWLS combines the best practices and most effective parts of every psychological theory of change. 


The purpose of OWLS is to teach you to how to never feel defeated again and how to become unstoppable in your success.

OWLS stands for:

  • Optimizing your internal Observer

  • Wins hidden in your past are the keys to your success

  • Learn pattern interruption and approach goals

  • Self-directed mastery of the undefeated You!

Most of the problems people have are directly correlated to the overuse of an outdated functioning of our minds.

In order for me to explain this, you need to understand 2 hidden facts about the human mind before I continue...

"Dr. Sandra Thebaud has been very inspirational to me with advice on how to navigate difficult situations, either at work or at home.  She has provided me with the tools needed to have a different perspective and not obsess on unnecessary thoughts. I feel better prepared to meet challenges that come my way."
~ Sandra R.

Hidden Fact About The Human Mind #1

The brain is hard-wired to see threat!

Human survival depended on the ability to respond to threats. Threat used to largely be insurmountable—existential—because we could have been eaten, killed, conquered, etc. Therefore, our brains became wired to go on alert at the slightest indication of threat. The ancestors that saw ropes as snakes survived because the assumption that threat did not exist could lead to that person’s extinction.  These are largely hard-wired patterns. It's error-filled but it’s a pro-typical human response.

Hidden Fact About The Human Mind #2

The brain chooses the experience of Self!

The experience of “Self” is based upon our pattern of responses to stimuli. We respond to the world in predictable patterns. This response pattern becomes what we call “self.” For example, if I had too much to drink I would say, “I was not myself yesterday.” When we or others act in patterns that are inconsistent with prior encounters we think of that as “not being yourself or myself.”


The patterns we are monitoring are forms of communication: verbal (the way we speak, our tone, word choices, rate, volume, dialect), non-verbal (gestures, posture, odor, cologne, etc) and internal experiences of self — how we think, feel and act. It’s important to note that the ways we think, feel and act can change — that’s neuroplasticity. This is the soft-wiring that we are working to change.

Who you are TODAY is not because of the decisions you made YESTERDAY.

Who you are TODAY is because of who you decided to become YESTERDAY.

Will you be who you were meant to be TOMORROW?

If you've ever noticed...

  • Difficulty following through on a goal

  • Limiting beliefs holding you back

  • Anxiety or stress

  • Lack of clarity or clear vision

  • Little support for your dreams


It’s important for us to articulate the events in our lives as being challenges and not insurmountable threat. Avoidance goals lead to trying to find the thing that will rescue us (i.e. food, drug, person, job).


Example of Avoidance Goal: “My parents want me to be a doctor and I want to make them happy. I hate conflict.” If you don’t get accepted to medical school you’re defeated. If you do get accepted, you reinforce the habit of acting into the world to reduce threat. People with unmet avoidance goals end up feeling defeated and move into their parent’s basement. Regardless of whether the person achieves their avoidance goal or not, the result is a smaller and smaller life. A reflection of a mind in prison.


Example of Approach Goal: “I want to help people to integrate health and wellness into their lives. Being a doctor would be a way for me to achieve that.” If you don’t get accepted to medical school you’re not defeated. You lose nothing; you simply pivot. Your goal remains part of your achievement journey. People with unmet approach goals move forward with new knowledge of Self.

OWLs is about consciously practicing into the world a pattern of Approach Goals and building an undefeated mind.


Mastery of threat requires learning a new pattern of perceiving our lives. It requires that we use our frontal lobes to override the conditioning of our limbic system. We need to adopt a primary pattern of seeing opportunities through approach goals.


OWLs teaches you to recognize and use life events as an opportunity to master your perception of threat. The anti-predation system is an outdated system. We no longer need to avoid predators and survive being eaten.

OWLS is right for you if you are the kind of person who is seemingly always…

  • Attempting to Realize Your Potential

  • Motivated to Overcome Obstacles

  • Invested in Personal and Professional Growth

"I am not the type of person who would ever open up and share my problems, concerns and biggest fears to someone close, let alone a person that I didn’t know. Dr. Sandra Thebaud is empathetic, caring and non-judgmental approach helped me to open up and develop a trusting relationship. She relates while providing great recommendations.  She helped with financial planning, family routines and overall life.   Even though I'm her client deep inside I feel she’s my friend."
~ Christine H.  

You are going to be amazed at how quickly and automatically you realize your goals and begin to move towards having all that you want to achieve in life with OWLS.

Who you are is who you practice being. And you can change your practice of self by perceiving a more adaptive pattern.  


The goal is to be connected to the person that you want to be—connected to life, self (future self), others (who they could be), and something greater—Purpose and Meaning. 





Molly M.

"My whole life looks completely different to how it did before we met, and in the best way possible. 


And I really believe all of these changes have happened because of the internal change that’s happened within me and continues to happen! I feel like I’m still growing and learning about myself, it’s great. 


I really cannot thank you enough and I’m so so so excited to see how different it will be a year from now. 


Life is wonderful, I feel fantastic every day I’m so grateful and content and peaceful. 


I really can’t express my gratitude for you enough."

Phil P.

"I have worked with Dr. Thebaud on two occasions. In both instances, her assistance was instrumental in guiding me through difficult times. The first instance involved an interpersonal relationship that had been friendly for some time, but had devolved into a situation that had become uncomfortable, at least for me. Through
meaningful discussion and keeping a pictorial journal, Dr. Thebaud helped me understand the reasons for my feelings and reactions. In just a few meetings, I was able to resolve this issue, which let me deal with the other person in a, once again, friendly way. In the second instance, a deep-seated phobia prevented me from pursuing actions that would be beneficial in the long run. Dr. Thebaud led me through a series of relaxation and visualization exercises. Once again, after a few discussions, I was able to manage the phobia and move forward
successfully. Should other issues arise in my life, I would most certainly contact Dr. Thebaud."

Jesse M.

"Sandra has been a guiding light for me in my maturation both professionally and personally. Helping me through a toxic work environment and personal challenges at home, I have been able to grow and handle challenges with more grace, patience, and professionalism then ever before.  She is patient, and not judgmental, but will call you out when it matters.  I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone and continue to work with her for my own continued growth."
Ocean Rocks

The OWLS Package

The OWLS system is composed of 4 phases. The first phase is for optimizing your internal observer and discovering what happens before, during and after a trigger. The second phase is for discovering your WINS (what I call your "success keys"). The next phase is for learning tools to implement those success keys into your life. The final phase is for expanding your success tools into every area of your life through mastery of your new Self.


Sandra Thébaud, PhD

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