Master Stress Now by Sandra Thebaud

Master Stress Now

The Master Stress Now course is a 3 part online self-paced course designed to teach you stress management in a fun, interactive way. Each part includes video learning and an accompanying workbook. Continuing Education credits are available for this course. See below for details.

You Can't Master Life Without Mastering Stress First

You may notice that there is a certain amount of stress in your life. Understanding what happens to you during stressful situations means you can more effectively do something about it.

Stress is Unpredictable Until You Know How it Works

Knowing exactly what kind of stress you're facing means the difference between experiencing unnecessary stress and eliminating it. As you observe how your brain works under stress you naturally begin to uncover thinking traps that lead to stress.

Master Stress Now

Part 1

Build Resiliency and Stress Hardiness
Notice how some people seem to have less stress than others. As you discover how you can naturally become resilient, putting this knowledge into practice will allow you to automatically become a stress hardy person.

Part 2

Stress Erasers
Using clinically proven techniques can significantly reduce your stress. As you understand how these 4 powerful stress erasers trigger your stress response system to shut down, you will realize that you can automatically use them with targeted efficiency for making your life like you want it to be.

Part 3

Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Life
Recognize how your thoughts are present at all times. As you comprehend how to logically assimilate and reorganize the patterns of your thoughts, you will quickly find new ways to improve every aspect of your life.

Continuing Education Information

Learn to successfully manage stress while getting continuing education credit for it.

Step 1: Verify That You Qualify For CE Credit
This course has been approved for
  • Psychologists
  • Psychoanalysts
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors/Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Creative Arts Therapists
  • Chemical Dependency Counselors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Educators
  • Attorneys
  • Judges
For more information:
CEU Home Study Information
CEU Home Study Target Audience
Colorado CLE Information

Step 2: Sign Up For The Master Stress Now Course
Step 3: Take The Test And Receive Your Certificate
Here are the links to the online test and certificate for each module after completing the course.

1.    MSN-001 Build Resiliency and Stress Hardiness
2.    MSN-002 Stress Erasers
3.    MSN-003 Control Your Thoughts Control Your Life


What People Are Saying...

  • “Loved the assessment.  It was of personal and professional value to me.” - Teresa K.
  • “Opened my eyes as to what I need to do to handle stress.” - Kevin K.
  • “I feel like this was the best time to benefit from your teachings!  I feel stronger now knowing this information.” - Amanda L.
  • “Helped me to learn more about stress, causes, reaction and how to modify thoughts to reduce negativism/stress.  Gave me identifiable skills to help realize and pinpoint stress and what I can do to help reduce it.” - Valerie R. 
  • “It allowed me to really take a look at who I am.  Allowed me to assess and examine my self and my transition from job to job and other transitions I’ve made in my life.” - Ahmond H.

Master Stress Now

Getting all 3 stress management courses means you will comprehend everything you need to know to easily and automatically get control back from stress.