Sandra Thébaud, PhD


Rock in Sand

Are you someone I can help?

"Everyone has a unique talent. I am a dream maker. I help individuals make their dreams come true Not for athletes. Not for politicians. Not for people in the entertainment industry. I help women who want to be and stay at the top of their game. Are you someone I can help?"

~Sandra Thébaud, PhD

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Nate S.

Working with Dr. Sandra T. has provided me the knowledgeable toolset to battle and overcome issues I was having in my life. I was able to understand the deep rooted issues in my past which I carried into my current and future life. Once she help me to understand and recognize the various issues/troubles, Dr Sandra aided me in working through them. Sometime forward now I am happy, relationships are stronger and life is easier to navigate. Thanks to Dr. Sandra I will continue to apply the learned toolset and continue to grow.

Molly M.

I’d just really love for you to know I am THRIVING. In capital letters! My whole life is just so very wonderful. There’s opportunities for growth coming at me from every direction and I really feel like I’m living life the way I am meant to and it feels so peaceful and beautiful. I’m halfway through the unteathered soul and I am loving it so thank you for the recommendation, but more importantly thank you for working with me and teaching me how to truly love myself and my life. I will be forever grateful for you. 

Scott Imhoff, PhD Mathematics

“Dr. Sandra Thebaud helped me through, and to successfully emerge from, a period of catastrophe in my life:  The death of my son and my wife, which both occurred within a period of four years.  She led me through grief and anxiety and helped treat my trauma.  Importantly she gave me the practical guidance and support that not only allowed me to stay employed, but to also achieve the highest technical honor at my company, Engineering Fellow.

I can only give my strongest recommendation of her to anyone and I would not hesitate to turn to her again next time I am in need.”