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Stress Traps


Trying to reduce stress can be frustrating. Sometimes you try a technique and feel like "it didn't work." I get it. Luckily for my clients, they were able to work with me to figure out why it didn't work. There are 10 top mistakes you may be making trying to reduce your stress. Nobody makes these mistakes on purpose. Most people don't even realize they're making them. If you don't know what these mistakes are... - You go for short-term relief (but your stress is still there) - You choose distractions (and not face your stress until you have no choice) - You live with it for so long (until that level of stress feels normal) How Does This Course Work? Each week (for 10 weeks) you will work on one major mistake people make trying to reduce their stress. Each week's video is divided into 3 sections: (1) What the Mistake Looks Like - Showing you the many ways a mistake could look like so you can see how it shows up in your life. (2) Techniques - Proven techniques that can help you fix this mistake. (3) Practice Exercises - You choose one or more practice exercises that you will focus on for the week so you can avoid making this mistake again. You will see examples of the many ways a single mistake can show up in your life. You will learn which techniques are best to help you fix and avoid that mistake. And you get to choose which of the techniques you will practice to eliminate that mistake from your life. Learn to fix what you could be doing to keep stress in your life.



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