Reduce Your Stress in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day by Sandra Thebaud

Reduce Your Stress in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day

Start today. And 30 days from now, you'll have a set of stress management tools you know works best for you to handle any kind of stress. 

Dr. Sandra Thebaud

Hi! I've been a Psychologist and Stress Management expert for over 20 years. I have also been a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress since 2005 and an invited lecturer across the country. I know what works. I created this program to help you change your life. This program is intentionally designed to easily teach you to reduce stress and retrain your brain to switch from stress mode to relax mode!  

Don't Have a Lot of Time to Learn Stress Management Techniques?

I get it. We're all busy. That's part of why stress exists in the first place. But you know that somehow you've got to learn better ways to manage stress. Good news! It's possible in just 5 minutes a day.

Stress - Without Intervention - Only Gets Worse...

Most of the time, we only realize we're stressed when our stress levels are on the verge of getting out of hand. Insomnia, anxiety, worry, fatigue... They don't get better on their own.

In 5 Minutes a Day, You Could Change Your Life!

Not all stress management techniques take very long to learn. 

You don't need to learn all the research on stress management to start reducing your stress. (But, if you really want to, get one of my e-books.)

Each day, you'll receive a video explaining a stress management technique. You'll learn what to do, how to do it and why it works. 

Your Personalized Stress Management Toolkit...

Best of all, at the end of the 30 days, you will know which techniques work best for you. You will have your own set of tools that fit you and your lifestyle to reduce different types of stresses. 

Everyone is different. Everyone deals with stress differently. That's why this program includes a Baseline Tracker and an Accountability Tracker to help design your personalized stress management toolkit.

30 Days To A Lower Level Of Stress!


You will receive a Baseline Tracker so that you can measure your current level of stress and how it's impacting every aspect of your life.


You will receive an Accountability Tracker to keep track of your progress and see what kind of effect each technique has in reducing your stress.


Each day's video will describe a research-based stress management technique. Then you practice what you learned as 5 minutes of fun-work.

Retrain Your Brain

Like anything, the stress response can become a habit. Once something becomes a "new normal," it's easy to forget what real relaxation feels like. That's why you need to make the relaxation response a habit and make that your "new normal."

How do you know how low your stress can get? You train your brain to to exit stress mode as quickly as possible and as often as possible.

In 30 days, you'll have gotten into the habit of practicing research-based, proven stress management techniques. After 30 days, you'll know which ones work best for you so you can maintain your new relaxation response habit. After 30 days, a lower stress level will be your "new normal."

Reduce Your Stress in Less Than 5 Minutes a Day